A Typical Day of A Recruiter

Wondering what the day-to-day work of a recruiter looks like? The truth is that it is challenging to put together what a “typical” day would look like as when you become a recruiter, you instantly become adaptable because things are always changing.

If you enjoy change, then you’ll love being a recruiter because no two days are alike!

However, even in the most ever-changing environment, there are some constants that a recruiter must deal with daily. In this blog, we tried to break down for you a day in the life of a recruiter. Who knows, maybe you will be interested in contacting us once you’ve read this.

Prepare Your Day & Team Meeting

To start the day, recruiters check their inbox, usually full of emails from clients and candidates, and their schedule of the day. Either consisting of meetings, phone calls, interviews, and tasks that need to be actioned. Don’t forget to check your LinkedIn’s InMail and social media private messages.

It is likely, but depending on your role and where you work, that you will have a team meeting in the morning, where everyone shares their daily goals. It’s also a good opportunity to request or provide support to a teammate if needed.

Time to Follow-up

Once you’ve checked in on any new candidates that have started that day, take time to go through all the inbound resumes from job postings and follow up with all the prospective candidates and hiring managers. In our modern days, this part of the day also includes updating your social media with new job offers or engaging content, as early in the day as possible.

Other daily responsibilities

During the day, recruiters will spend a fair amount of time preparing the presentation of their candidates to the client companies as well as conducting phone screens, CV reviewing, scheduling interviews, preparing candidates for interviews, taking calls… and more. We told you no two days are the same!

Rewards and Challenges

The well-known and truthful rewarding part of being a recruiter is helping people find their dream job and watching them thrive in it. Passion for others is what truly motivates us at Recruiting Talent. You also constantly learning and dealing with new situations, which is exciting.

On the other hand, there are some challenges. Right now, one of the challenges that recruiters face is fighting to be heard amongst the noise. It takes time and work to stand out from the crowd and ensure that candidates want to work with you. Some of the other challenges include not hearing back from a candidate, receiving negative feedback from your candidate’s interview or profile, and of course, having candidates declining offers.

It worth it!

Are you sold yet? If not, don’t hesitate to contact Recruiting Talent. If you’re eyeing a career in recruitment or you are an experienced recruiter then get in touch!

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