Does the future of talent acquisition lie in reskilling rather than finding someone better?

As you may already know, the recruitment industry has changed greatly over the past number of years for a number of different reasons. With factors such as social recruiting growing in popularity and more jobs being introduced on the market, recruiters are doing the best that they can to find perfect candidates for the roles that they have available. Over the years, many recruiters have found it hard to outsource the perfect candidates through the likes of social recruiting and believe that the right candidate for the position exist within their business already. Recruiting candidates internally within your business and reskilling them to fit the available position can be extremely beneficial and is even said to be easier than recruiting externally. Here are some of the benefits of reskilling that affect both recruiters and the candidate.

Improves performance

One of the main benefits that comes with internal recruitment and reskilling an employee is that it improves performance for both the employee and the business. Training an employee and allowing them to learn new skills will undoubtably improve their performance in the workplace and allow them to develop professionally. It also means that there will be higher levels of productivity for the employee and means they will bring more to the business. Therefore, proving that that recruiting internally and reskilling an employee can greatly improve the performance of a business.

Employee retention

No matter what the business, many employers know how important it is to hold onto their skilled employees. Like previously mentioned, having an employee who is highly skilled and trained within the business can be extremely beneficial as it will improve the business’ performance, therefore employers should retain those employees. Employees also want to feel as though their ongoing training is a priority and that their employer supports and encourages them to grow. Upskilling an employee will prevent their skills from becoming redundant and also means they will be more likely to stay in the job that they are in.

Future proof

When an employer commits to internal recruitment and upskilling an employee, they are essentially investing into their business’ future. As previously mentioned, recruiting an employee internally and retraining them can greatly improve the performance of a business. By improving the performance within the business, as an employer you are allowing your business to grow and expand. It has also previously been stated that the likes of social recruiting are growing in popularity, which can be a grey area for many employees. But when it comes to internal recruitment, employers can have faith knowing that recruiting an employee internally and reskilling them will be beneficial for their business and its future. Internal recruiting and reskilling an employee is a reliable and fool proof method of recruitment that can be used no matter what the future of the business brings.

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