Managing “New Year New Job” Hiring Periods in Early 2024

The beginning of the new year often sparks an increase in job searching and hiring. People start thinking about their future and there is a theme of bettering yourself, which can prompt a lot of job hunting New Year’s resolutions. Additionally, managers will want to get a jump on filling roles that were left forgotten last year or need to be filled somewhere down the line, but the earlier the better.  These points combined mean that companies should be prepared to manage higher application volumes and fast-paced hiring needs in January and February. If you’re looking to take advantage of the ”new year, new job” rush, take a look at our tips.

Streamline and expedite hiring processes

You can make things a lot easier during the “new year new job” rush by evaluating the hiring system that is currently in place. It’s a hard time to “get ahead” of things when people are waking up from their food comas in December but it will pay off. Companies should evaluate their current hiring processes and look for areas that can be streamlined. For example, you can use digital tools for screening CVs and asking relevant questions to filter out unsuitable candidates. Plus, you might want to be ready with offer templates to reduce delays. This might feel like putting the cart before the horse but you will need them eventually.

Tap into passive candidates

Even with the “new year new job” rush, there might be candidates out there who are not actively looking for your role. After all, there will be a lot of mud on the ground as candidates feel the urge to move on not necessarily because your role is right for them. Passive candidates aren’t looking but might be enticed by the right opportunity. With more active job seekers in the market, it’s also a good time to attract passive candidates. We have covered before the usefulness of employee referrals and how to incite them. Companies should leverage employee referrals and update their presence on job boards to get in front of qualified candidates.

Set reasonable hiring goals

Hiring managers should set realistic targets for open roles considering the influx of candidates applying during the “new year new job” rush. While you might feel that speed is important, or the pressure to fill a role quickly, companies still need to ensure they are selective and hiring the best people. It’ll pay off for no one if you hire someone who isn’t suitable simply because they asked at the right time.

Coach hiring managers

Hiring managers should be coached on best practices for quick but thorough hiring. They may need guidance on conducting efficient interviews and making speedy offer decisions. Set expectations for timelines, advise them on how to sell the role to candidates to generate buzz, and guide them on evaluating candidates quickly through interviews.

Leverage temporary workers

However, there is a compromising quick fix for a role that needs to be filled early in the year: temporary staff. Bringing on temporary or contract workers can help manage immediate talent needs while permanent hires are made. This provides flexibility during an unpredictable hiring period and is a faster option when you look at agencies. Additionally, temporary workers can fill roles emptied by people suffering from the “new year new job” craving can be filled quickly.

Prioritize critical roles

However, don’t rush into a role just because you’re feeling the rush of new beginnings. Not all open roles will need to be filled immediately. Evaluate what roles are critical and have a planned cadence for other openings which can be filled down the line. This means that you don’t rush into hiring someone who doesn’t fit.


The “new year new job” rush can cause a little mayhem freshly off the back of the bank holidays, but managers can get ahead of the rush with some careful planning and care in evaluating candidates.

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