Starting out a Career in Rec2Rec? What you need to know

No, it’s not a knock-off Star Wars robot, but instead Rec2Rec is an industry sector that has been evolving since 2003 or 2004 as its own sector in recruitment. On one level that might sound quite redundant. Recruiters are in the career of finding a job, what does it say about their skills if they can’t find one for themselves? Well, like anything else in this world, it’s not that simple. And in a world where just about every need is met by a service, is it surprising that this is such a blossoming industry? Interested? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our guide to see if a career in the rec2rec sector would be a good fit for you.

What is rec2rec?

As the name might suggest, a career in rec2rec is about the of recruiting recruiters. Namely, a lot of these Rec2Rec businesses are connecting recruiters or potential recruiters with recruiting firms. It’s the same way you would connect affiliates to marketers or agents connecting musicians to record deals. A career in rec2rec would mean partnering up employees in recruitment to the right recruiting firm.

What does it take?

Well, much like any career in recruitment, a career in rec2rec takes a few different skills, like communication, confidence, and reliability. There is a good mix of hard and soft skills required, including data reading, marketing and sales skills, and critical thinking skills.

You have to be able to have that matchmaking skill with the right person to the right firm, but also the ability to adapt to problems that might arise. In order to get the employee where they need to be for a career in rec2rec or recruitment, you must have good listening skills, and big picture thinking. But multitasking skills and business management skills is required to work in a firm and match people with their firms in a career in rec2rec.

Why use rec2rec?

There is one main reason to put your faith in a rec2rec firm: who better to teach you to swim but a fish? You need job in recruitment? As a recruiter that specialises in recruitment as a sector? Then consider the idea of a career in rec2rec with a rec2rec firm.

There is also the added benefit that a lot of rec2rec agencies are known to offer a superior service, making them more appealing to recruitment businesses rather than them handling it in-house. A career in rec2rec will afford you specialist skills in the recruitment industry, allowing you knowledge as to where and when to hunt for candidates.

Recruitment agencies would use a rec2rec firm in the same way anyone else would use a recruitment firm: in order to save time and effort, find the right fit quickly, and use a quality selection process at their disposal. If you’re looking for a career in rec2rec or just recruitment,

Is there a market?

It might seem like the rec2rec industry is a Russian doll of sectors. You want a job in recruitment so you turn to a rec2rec firm. What’s to stop them hiring a rec2rec2rec firm? We can assure you the buck stops with a career in rec2rec, and it’s a sector that has exploded in the past 20 years. There are firms all over the country that might entice you to work with them for your own fulfilling career in rec2rec.

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