The Benefits of Career Progression

The concept of career progression has always been a controversial topic, especially within the recruitment industry. Many people believe that when you find a job that you enjoy you should stick with it, whereas others believe that you should move on and try something new despite how much you might love your current position.

Career progression involves moving on to a more senior or different role in your industry than the one you are used to and can be extremely beneficial for an employee. Not only does career progression allow you to experience a new role, but it also allows you to expand your horizons and learn a new set of skills and knowledge. Here are some more of the great benefits that come with moving up the career ladder.

Increases employee satisfaction

Career progression allows you to learn a new range of skills and expand your knowledge, which can be something to look forward to. Learning new things everyday can be motivating and can leave you feeling more engaged and satisfied with your work. Increasing your employee satisfaction will also improve the overall atmosphere of the workplace and increase the moral of other employees that you work with.

Can decrease stress

One of the lesser-known benefits of career progression is that it can actually decrease stress levels. Often employees can find themselves feeling unmotivated, tired, and stressed if they are stuck in the same role for a long period of time. Moving onto a new role and trying something new can give you a new lease of energy and motivation, which will ultimately decrease your stress levels.

Improves work-life balance

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your current job, deciding to move on to a new job and allowing yourself to progress professional is actually a great way to improve your work-life balance. When you feel stuck or unsatisfied in a role it can be hard to strike a balance between your work life and your personal life. It is known that career progression can give you a new lease of energy and change, meaning that it can be easier to find that balance between your work and social life. 

Creates new opportunities

When you move on in your career and begin to learn new skills, it allows you to improve your career prospects and can even create new opportunities for you. By carrying new learning and allowing yourself to grow and develop, not only will you improve your morale, confidence, and knowledge, but you could also be improving your career prospects. This will expose you to a number of new career opportunities, whether it is a promotion in your current organisation, a new job, or even a career change.

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