The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

People are hired and fired every day. As a business owner, you might be wondering what the use of hiring a recruitment agent is. However, as a business owner or an HR representative, you might also be wondering why you’re stuck when it comes to new hires. Are they not lasting in the job? Are they not up to scratch? Are candidates drying up like water in the desert? Are all of these points a little bit true but you don’t know how to solve them? That’s when you need a recruiting agent.  

Save money, time and stress

Using a recruitment agency can save time and money for employers. They handle much of the candidate screening and interview coordination, allowing companies to focus on their core business. Hiring candidates can be very time-consuming for the company. You’re drafting job descriptions, sourcing and screening candidates, interviewing, negotiating offers, etc. All of it is eating into company time that needs salaried.

However, using a recruitment agency will allow you to outsource this process to professionals who will have the expertise and resources to get it done quickly, without stress, and for a lower rate than assigning someone within the company.  

Additionally, using a recruitment agency can ease the workload burden of businesses by handling many of the administrative tasks that might take all day but seem tedious, such as coordinating interviews, applicant correspondence, offer letters, etc. This lifts a substantial burden on HR staff.

Wider range of resources

As a team member or manager in a business, you might have access to only the same sources everyone else does: LinkedIn and recruiting websites. These are very limiting and it costs to post on each website. On the other hand, using a recruitment agency means you will have access to extensive candidate databases and established relationships for sourcing potential hires. This expands and expedites the talent pool for employers. Using a recruitment agency means you will instantly have a list of profiles ready to look at, accumulated by the agency over time.

Additionally, these profiles and connections will be specialised to the agencies’ industry, which means the quantity and quality of potential talent the agency surfaces far surpasses what a business could uncover on its own. You will not be sorting through “chancing their arm” candidates that have no experience or education in your field and just firing applications to whoever they can.

Expert agents

The main benefit of using a recruitment agency is that you will be hiring a specialist: someone who knows what they’re doing and can focus on doing it. Offering the task to someone internally will only distract from important work and result in a candidate who hasn’t been properly screened. If problems then arise, you’re back to square one, spending more time and money to get another candidate hired. Recruiters are experts in screening candidates, assessing skills and experience, and determining fit. This expertise improves hiring outcomes and reduces poor hiring decisions.

Additionally, many agencies offer additional services like background checks, assistance crafting job descriptions, and advice on competitive pay rates. This supplements and enhances a company’s hiring process. This means that they have a list of pre-vetted profiles ready to go when you need a new hire.

Staying on top of trends

Another reason to consider using a recruiting agency is the legality of the situation. You want to know that all your Ts are crossed and Is are dotted. Recruitment firms use continuous research and data tracking to stay on top of the latest hiring trends, practices, and compliance issues. They consistently keep up to date with changes to employment laws, compliance issues around discrimination, data protection, remote work policies, and more. This ensures employers follow best practices and avoid legal risks.

A critical eye on you

Using a recruitment agency doesn’t only mean they are looking at candidates. The best part about outsourcing is that the agency can see what you are too close to be able to see. Agencies can provide valuable insights into your employer brand, job advertisements, and interview process to maximize applicant engagement and hiring success. They can take a step back from your hiring process and how you present yourself to candidates to understand why you are not getting the response you’re looking for.


By using a recruitment agency not only are you saving yourself a lot of time, effort and money, but you will also pull from a pool of higher quality candidates. Contact Recruiting Talent today to see how we can help you fill your latest role.

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