The Importance of a Diverse and Inclusive Employer 

As the great resignation train shows no sign of slowing down, it’s important that you, as an employee, know what to look out for when going for your next job. When deciding your next step in your career, it’s important that you ask yourself the tough questions such as what are you hoping is different in your new role? Is the salary expectations and benefits better? However, one that most people forget about, and is an incredibly important part of your work culture: Is the employer diverse and inclusive? Read on to find out why this is extremely important for any business.  

What does this mean?  

Diversity and inclusion is an extremely subjective terms and can sometimes confuse people. A great analysis of both diversity and inclusion is: Are you invited to a party? (diversity), Have you been asked to dance once you get there? (Inclusion). A diverse and inclusive environment is when you feel confident and comfortable in a workplace, and you can showcase your entire personality without fear of judgement. This includes any ‘’differences’’ you have from your peers. Differences could be defined into various demographics such as gender, race, age, disabilities, education, sexual orientation and many more. If you have a diverse and inclusive employer, it shows that they are not only a great company to work for but also a great person. This can also have many benefits for your own personal progress in work.  

Proud of your business  

If you are working for a diverse and inclusive employer, you are able to be proud that you are part of an organisation that truly values its staff. Companies like this are normally extremely innovative and regarded as companies of the future. This means that by joining a business of this nature, you will most likely see the business being able to anticipate market trends, and industry disruption and understand what they need to do from a technological point of view. They will also most likely be a company that faces adversity and will happily thrive when change is required.  

Several reports have been created throughout recent years that highlight why diversity is crucial within any business, one of the reasons being that diversity actually makes you smarter. According to several studies, diversity is the main contributing factor that enables staff to become better at decision-making and problem-solving. This could lead to breakthrough innovations, which all companies truly need if they wish to succeed.  

Soft skills should improve  

Soft skills are becoming an attribute that more and more employers are looking at when they decide to hire someone. In case you didn’t know, soft skills are simply personal attributes that an individual has, the skill will allow them to become more situationally aware and is a driving factor in getting their work done. A lot of people refer to them as people skills or emotional intelligence. If you go on to work for an employer that is both diverse and inclusive, you are more likely to improve your soft skills such as curiosity, adaptability and overall interpersonal skills. What is the reason for this? The main reason for this is that you are being exposed to a larger range of opinions, ideas and skills. A diverse company means that there will be people from all different demographics, with different backgrounds and different life experiences. Thus, allowing you to channel different views from people who have experienced them first-hand.  

You won’t feel like an outsider at work 

A common issue that lots of employees feel whenever they work somewhere, is that they simply feel like they don’t fit in. This could be down to lots of things such as class differences, clashing personalities, and much more. Employees in this environment are known to mentally ‘’checkout’’ when they are forced into this situation. During this time period, they are unlikely to produce high-quality work which can often lead to their overall mental health declining. If you go on to join an employer who is inclusive and diverse, they are more likely to create an atmosphere that fits the ethos of the company. This means that you should feel welcome from the day that you walk in the door, and everyone should be welcoming. This has positive reactions on the employee as it means they don’t have to fake any sort of ‘persona’ to fit in.  

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