What are the best Job Benefits to look for in 2021?

In today’s ever-changing society, employers must thank their staff for the quality of service that they are providing, a way in which they can do this is through providing employee benefits. Job benefits and benefits in kind include a variety of non-wage reimbursement provided to personnel in addition to their normal wages or salaries. Benefits play a key factor in why most individuals apply for a job. The more benefits make the employee acknowledge that their work is being appreciated. An employee should be asking themselves what benefits should I be looking for in a job?

Traditional Benefits

So, what are the different job benefits? Typically, the 3 most traditional job benefits are health insurance, life insurance, and paid holidays. Although the UK has the NHS, some individuals appreciate health insurance as it protects you from expensive medical bills when going to a private practice. Health insurance also allows you to get free health check-ups and preventive care such as vaccines and screenings.

Life insurance is also a brilliant job benefit that should be made available to employees – having life insurance gives the employee a sense of security as they will provide financial gain to your loved ones if you pass away. Many individuals believe this takes any burden off their family’s shoulders and can even be put towards a funeral.

Additional paid holidays on top of the legal requirement are a benefit that remarkably a lot of companies do not have. Extra paid holidays allow the employee to have some much-earned rest and recharge the batteries before coming back to work fitter and full of energy.

2021 Job Benefits

2021 has seen companies evolve in the way that they are doing things. Covid-19 has meant that allowances must be made to allow employees to feel safe and comfortable during their working hours. Flexible working, time off for mental health and free covid testing/kits are just some of the new job benefits that 2021 has to offer. Flexible working has been popular amongst employees since the start of the pandemic when individuals were forced to work from home – However, this has been a blessing to some as they have found a true rhythm with both going into the office and working from home, allowing a fantastic work-life balance.

Mental health no longer has a stigma associated with it, thus, employees can openly discuss any issues they’re having, with the employer hopefully retaliating with solutions and practices that will be able to help, such as paid time off for mental health days. or ‘’duvet days’’. Finally, for employees still working within the office, it is important that they still feel safe as covid-19 is still out there and spreading. Free covid tests/kits are being awarded to employees every week in some industries to ensure that if they feel anything is wrong, they can take one and have peace of mind.

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