Why having a recruitment process that is diverse and inclusive is critical

The concept of diversity has seen increasing traction in recent years, and it has become more important to both businesses and consumers than ever before. Now, diversity and inclusivity are considered essential throughout a range of industries and business practices.

The recruitment process can be tough and fraught with difficulties and potential issues. However, it is absolutely paramount that you ensure your recruitment process is diverse and inclusive, doing so can offer your business a number of benefits. Read on to find out more.

A diverse team means better results

When you’re undergoing your recruitment process, the key thing to keep in mind is that you need a varied team made up of people with different areas of expertise. This can often prove exceptionally difficult, but it is vital if you want your team to be well-balanced and effective.

By focusing on diversity and inclusivity in your recruitment process, you will be able to ensure that your team is made up of people from various different cultural and social backgrounds. This is essential, it will allow you to hear input and opinion beyond your particular realm of experience, valuable information which can then be used to inform your business strategy as you move forward.

At the end of the day, results are what matters for your business. However, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of a diverse recruitment strategy. Data from Deloitte suggests that high-growth businesses are more likely to have diversity and inclusivity policies in place when compared to low-growth companies.

Appeal to a larger audience

As your business grows, you may be looking to expand into new territory or develop your product offering. Either way, you will likely need to target new demographic and consumer bases, which can be tricky if not approached correctly.

Gen Z is currently one of the most sought-after demographic groups. Their age means that, if targeted correctly, Gen Z customers have the potential to become loyal customers for years to come.

However, Gen Z has a particular set of values and expectations when it comes to brands, and they are not afraid of expressing their feelings through action. For example, a study by McKinsey on Gen Z attitudes towards businesses revealed that a brand deemed to be racist, homophobic, or overly macho would be avoided by 79%, 76%, and 81% of Gen Z participants respectively.

Appealing to a larger audience, including Gen Z, is crucial. One of the most effective ways to do so is through your recruitment process. By ensuring you have a diverse, representative team and that you are promoting inclusivity and acceptance, you will have far more success when targeting younger, more socially aware customers.

Boost brand reputation

Finally, implementing a diverse and inclusive recruitment process can work wonders for your brand image and reputation.

You will demonstrate to customers that you are a progressive, modern business that is open to everyone and anyone. This will allow you to forge deeper connections with your customers and form long-lasting relationships.

A diverse recruitment process will also improve the working environment. Your staff will feel happy and comfortable expressing who they are without fear of differential treatment or prejudice. This will make your business an attractive option for further candidates and jobseekers and will ensure you have your pick of talented employees when looking to scale up and take on more staff.


When it comes time to hire staff, implementing diversity and inclusivity policies in your recruitment process is crucial. Doing so will allow you to build an experienced and balanced team, will give you access to new demographics and customer groups, and will significantly improve your brand’s image and reputation. 

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