How Have Recruitment Agencies Looked After Employees During the Pandemic?

Over the past year, many businesses across the recruitment industry have been forced to adapt. For some, this meant simply changing the way that they do their business while for others, this also meant how they support their team. With a large percentage of the Scottish population still working from home in 2021, it is important to understand how employees can be supported and how companies can get it right. Below, we’ll look at some of the ways that recruitment agencies have been excelling over the past year.

Support for New Team Members

Recruitment professionals are typically experts in recruiting new staff but how do they get on when it comes to recruiting virtually? For any new team member, moving to a role at a new company can be overwhelming and when they need to work from home, this experience can become difficult.

However, during the pandemic, we have seen some agencies welcoming their new team members in the best way. This includes additional support, virtual training and even some company merchandise sent to their homes! This kind of welcome package can go a long way for a nervous new employee.

Working From Home

For many, the concept of working from home is never something they considered. A lot of recruitment professionals thrive in a busy atmosphere with phones ringing and a general buzz. When you are forced to work from your living room or even kitchen, it can be hard to adapt.

Did you know that some employers in the industry have done everything that they can to support their team working from home? This includes investing in home desks, chairs and even equipment like laptops and additional screens. Also – we have seen some agencies offer flexible working hours to support those who have additional responsibilities at home such as home-schooling their children.

Virtual Team Building in Recruitment Agencies

Christmas parties were cancelled in 2020 but that doesn’t mean that agencies didn’t still arrange ways for their employees to connect. Many hosted virtual Christmas parties and additional events throughout the year. Often, when working from home, it can be hard for the team to connect but these regular activities can help to encourage more communication.

Some have hosted monthly quizzes, while others have had a ‘drink after work’ or engaged in other activities hosted by events companies. This kind of support goes a long way!

Mental Health Support

Finally, mental health is always an important consideration, but this has become even more evident throughout the pandemic. Many employees are isolated at home and their mental health has suffered a lot. For this reason, we have seen some employers offer additional support over the months for those whose mental health is suffering.

For example, some employers offer workshops with life coaches, mental health training sessions and regular check-ins. With this extra support, team members can work on their mental health and get the coaching they need.

Has Your Employer Supported You?

We are really impressed with what we have seen from some agencies in the industry over the past year. By offering support and even fun and games when required, existing employees can feel connected and new employees feel welcomed.

Has your employer supported you in similar ways since the pandemic began? If the answer is no, it is important to know that there are others who will. If you are thinking about moving to a new role with a strong support system, Recruiting Talent can help. We have a huge range of live recruitment roles from leading recruitment agencies and we’d love to help you get settled into a new job. Get in touch with Julie or Aron today to find out more!

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