Mistakes that should be avoided in the recruitment process

Any recruiter knows that the process of sourcing and hiring a new employee can be time consuming and costly for any business, therefore they want to avoid making any mistakes. Not only will making mistakes prolong the recruitment process for you, but it may also jeopardize your chance of finding a candidate that is suitable for the role. Therefore, as a recruiter here are some of the mistakes that you should try to avoid while recruiting a new employee.

False advertising

One of the most crucial parts of recruiting a new employee is advertising the available role and the job description, therefore you should avoid making any mistakes. When creating a job advertisement and description, you must make sure that you provide only relevant and accurate details of the job. If you advertise the role incorrectly you will be less likely attract candidates with the qualities and abilities that you’re looking for to fill the role. A good job description should include the overall purpose of the role, a list of duties and should identify key areas of responsibility within the role.

Having a poor interview technique

Another mistake that can affect the recruitment process for you is using poor interview techniques. In order to see if a candidate is suitable for a role or not you should develop an effective interview technique that will allow you to get to know them. For example, you should write out a set of questions that you will ask each candidate you interview. By doing this you will be able to compare each candidate’s response and fairly judge them against each other. Asking each candidate that you interview a different set of questions will not allow you to judge and compare them accurately.

Using unconscious bias

As well as avoiding using a poor interview technique, you should also avoid using unconscious bias. This means that you should avoid favouring a candidate and most importantly avoid discriminating against a candidate. Without a recruiter even realising they may unwittingly discriminate against certain candidates in favour of people who share the same  background, social class, ethnicity, age, or gender as them. Being bias during the recruitment process can often cause a lot of trouble.

Not getting the timing right

Although finding the balance between not rushing the recruitment process and not taking too long to hire a candidate can be difficult to do, it is extremely important when it comes to hiring a new employee. On the one hand, if you rush the process and hire a candidate too quickly, you could actually miss out on finding the perfect candidate the role. Therefore, it is important to be patient when hiring a new candidate. Although on the other hand, if you take too long to move onto the next stage of the process, the candidates that you have already interviewed may lose interest and move onto another available role. As well as getting the timing right, it is also important that you provide the candidates that you have interviewed with feedback. By providing your candidates with feedback it will allow them to see how they did and will prevent them from being turned off by the role.

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