The Perks of Working for a Recruitment Company

Recruitment companies need a lot of valued talent to keep the hard work they do going, so it’s important to entice the best of the best in the employee pool. In order to entice the best, recruitment companies offer a range of benefits that appeal to sought after skilled workers. In turn, working for a recruitment company can be very rewarding. Take a look at our suggestions on how you can entice the right talent with rewarding perks.


A certain number of holidays are obviously mandatory for any employee in the UK, including Christmas and New Year’s, but the way you can stand out when asking people to start working for a recruitment company is by offering more holidays and bank holidays off. We recommend starting at 25 days holidays on top of bank holidays and increasing these holidays by a day every year up to 30 days.

Special days off

Additionally, you can offer for your employee to enjoy their birthday off. No one wants to spend their birthday in front of the computer, so a great way to show that your employees are valued is to give them their special day off.

On the other hand, you might want to offer something like a Christmas shopping afternoon off. You can give each of your employees an afternoon in December to let them get those last minutes presents and food in the bag. Another idea is to offer charity days, where the whole team gets together to support a charity of their choosing for a day, or a duvet day, where you can get the day off with no questions asked. We recommend allowing for three of these a year. This is a great option to aid in mental health.


Commuting is the bane of the existence of most employees, even those working for a recruiting company. But you can make that easier on your staff by offering concepts like a car allowance, to let them fill up their tank without worrying about what BP is doing to the economy this week. You can also offer a carpool option, that should cut down on carbon emissions and help the planet and our wallets, and subsidised parking so there isn’t a massive price tag to avoiding the bus.


We all, including those working in a recruiting company, need to look after ourselves, so it’s helpful to add some healthcare perks as well. Keep a little bit of weight off the NHS with private healthcare for your employee or their entire family. You can also add things like a gym membership allowance (we recommend up to £30 a month) or access to a 24 hour helpline for any worries and struggles you might be dealing with that could benefit from you speaking to someone who will just listen.


Along the same lines, looking after yourself can get pretty pricey, so you might consider offering anyone working in your recruitment company some insurance. There is critical illness insurance, which could cover a variety of ailments, or life insurance up to three times your employee’s salary, which could set their family up, and a competitive pension to set them up for retirement. We recommend offering double what the employee puts in, up to 10% of their salary. For example, the employee puts in £100 a month and the company puts in £200 every month.

Personal skills

We’re all looking for ways to improve ourselves or the sake of our career, especially people working in a recruitment company. For this reason, you can offer business and life coach lessons, or at least offer up to £500 towards the cost, so that your employee can add extra skillsets that they can use in your business operations. You can also offer qualifications or upskills sessions, to encourage staff to do online training courses or college. Examples include CIPD, technology, accounts, leadership, management, health & safety, law, etc.


And we cannot forget the popular trend of employers considering their staff members’ work/life balance while working for a recruitment company. Companies are offering a four day working week, for example, and working from anywhere policies that allow people to take extra time away from the office to work abroad or anywhere they want.

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