Tips for Brushing Up Your Recruitment CV

Searching for the right job can seem a mountain to climb at times. One of the most important tools to help with your search should always be your CV. However, while you might know what a good candidate’s CV looks like, you might feel a little clueless about how to bring yours up to standard. Here are some of our best tips for brushing up your recruitment CV.

Basic Formatting

One important thing which many people overlook is the formatting of the CV itself. Remember that it cannot be any longer than two A4 pages. This is a surprisingly short area to sell yourself in so you may have to consolidate some details into columns. While you might have to get creative with your space to fit everything in, never forget that the final piece should flow and be easy to read. Finally, pick a font which is appealing to the eyes. Calibri, Cambria, or Arial are all excellent choices.

Must-Have Inclusions

There are several pieces of key information you should always include on a CV regardless of whether it is a recruitment CV or not. These include contact information, education, work experience, and references. Keep these as a summary and use your character statement as a chance to promote yourself. This should be tailored both to your strengths and the job you are applying for.

Presenting Yourself

The character statement is one of the key parts of the statement and yet is likely to be the main part which a potential employer will just skim read. Therefore, you need to make sure that you say everything you need to clearly and concisely from the start. If the role requires strong interpersonal skills, make sure you highlight this. Other skills which might be required could include sales experience, time management, and computer literacy. It can be frustrating to rewrite this section for every new application but it is a key part of ensuring you get the role you are searching for.

Useful Additions

No matter what job you are applying for, you should always prepare a cover letter alongside your recruitment CV. It is a key part of the application and a chance to show a little personality, though you should always keep the tone professional. Use the cover letter as a chance to further expand upon why you are the right candidate, mention your motivations for applying, and express your goals if you attain the position. Unless the job explicitly states it, never attach a photograph to your CV or cover letter as this will detract attention from your words. If you must include a photograph, try to send it on as a separate file.

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