Tips to find your dream role in 2022

It’s exam season, and everyone’s got their head down. At the same time, the rest of the world is saying “New year, new me” and wondering what it would take to make that a reality. It’s a prime time for people to rethink their path in life. Where are they going next? And how do they get there? It’s a daunting thing, job hunting. Especially if you are aiming for that dream career you’ve had your mind on for years. Well, with a little bit of help, you can get there. Read on to see our tips on landing your dream role.

Use social media

Politely decline when your parent offers to print out hundreds of copies of your CV to hand out in the shopping centre. That’s not about to work anymore no matter the job.

In fact, there has been an upgrade from even the constant answering of a million questions only to upload to your CV that has all the information you just typed in, that you’re used to. The young kids on the block are advertising themselves with social media.

It makes sense. People are using what they’ve learnt from influencers, who have to sell themselves as a brand, to sell themselves as a dream employee, and a person of many talents. Content that covers examples of work, behind the scenes peeks, and a day in the life of, all express a lot more than what a CV can do.

The rise of short-form video content has made this a lot easier. You can create a profile and fill it up with clips of your work life, showing the world what kind of employee you are and why you should be hired.

Try an internship

There’s nothing like an internship to show you the realities of your dream job. Sure, you might just be getting coffee for the man in charge right now but seeing them do their job will open your eyes to the everyday operations of the job.

It is a carrot on a stick situation, as it will take a bit of saving to stay in an unpaid position, however it can open up opportunities. You can be asked to stay on, will have a position to bargain for a full-time job or you can take what you’ve learnt elsewhere.

Use a recruitment agency

If you are having trouble navigating any of this, or any of the other pitfalls that come with trying to land that dream role, don’t worry. That’s what a recruitment agency is for.

They know how to pair your talent with the perfect job, and how to make sure you get there. No matter the industry you’re in, there seems to be some insider knowledge or backdoor access to the better jobs that the average Joe has to luck into to find. Not if you are using a recruitment agency. They have the key to that back door and can advise you on how you get through it to the other side.

It will allow you to stop toiling away fruitlessly at employers who aren’t going to email back.

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