What Does The Future Of Recruitment Look Like?

Over the years, the recruitment industry that we all know, and love has changed a lot. Gone are the days where everything would need to be done manually including sifting through applications and performing background checks. Additionally, the role of a rec2rec recruiter has been adapted to meet the growing demands of agencies that need roles filled quickly and effectively.

As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, we thought we’d look at some of the coming trends we expect to see in the future. Read on to hear what the future of recruitment looks like in our eyes!

Lots of New Job Titles

You may have already noticed that the job titles many people have today are very difficult from what you would have heard before. As new roles are created in line with developments in the industry, new job titles are created and terms and used. In the future, expect to be using a whole new glossary of job titles to describe the tasks performed by an individual. Instead of the traditional ‘manager’ or ‘executive’, you’ll have ‘innovators’ ‘experts’ and so much more.

Virtual Interviews

While certain things have been virtual for a while now – a large percentage of job interviews were still taking place in an office or meeting setting. Over the past year, however, this all changed and now, virtual interviews via video call are the norm. Now that recruiters know that this works – it is expected that virtual interviews will continue over the coming years. Alongside virtual interviews comes remote onboarding and an increase in remote working.

Candidates With Varied Job History

In the past, employers would have been put off by candidates who appeared to have a lot of roles under their belt. This indicates that they don’t stick around for very long and may be leaving these roles for negative reasons. However, over the years this view has changed as more younger candidates move around various industries. These days, recruiters can easily spot transferable skills that allow candidates to find the perfect role in a new industry. In the future, candidates won’t be confined to one single type of role.

AI and Automation

Finally, we believe that technology will have a large part to play in the recruitment process over the coming years. As recruiters start to adopt new technology and tools into their recruiting practices, it will become much easier for them to shortlist candidates and offer an effective service. AI is already used in the shortlisting process and some tools allow you to look for keywords in applications and determine the action as a result. Who knows what kind of recruitment tools we will have at our disposal in the future?

You Can Rely on Recruiting Talent

Regardless of where the recruitment industry goes over the coming years, you should know that you can rely on Recruiting Talent to help you find the perfect candidates or role. We have adapted over the years to offer the best possible service and we are always learning and improving.

Whether you are an employer looking for the perfect candidate or someone searching for their first recruitment role – we can help. Contact Recruiting Talent today to get started!

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