What Makes A Good Recruitment Consultant?


A recruitment consultant is a vital part of any recruitment process. They need to make sure that they find the perfect candidate for a role and use their expertise to make the whole process as straightforward as possible. While anyone can arguably train to become a recruitment consultant, not everyone has the skills necessary to excel in the role.

In this blog, we thought we’d look at some of the things that we think makes a good recruitment consultant for anyone considering this kind of role.


In the recruitment process, there are often tight deadlines and roles need to be filled as soon as possible. This requires recruitment consultants to be attentive and ready to answer any questions as soon as they can. However, there must also be a balance found between being attentive and being pushy. If a recruitment consultant is too pushy, they could put off a candidate or an employer.

Attention To Detail

Each role requires a different kind of skillset and experience so it is up to recruitment consultants to check the job description and look for any additional details. Just because a candidate has experience in the right field, doesn’t mean that they will have the skills necessary to perform well in this particular role. In this case, a good recruitment consultant must have good attention to detail to make sure they properly understand the brief that they have been given.

A Good Understanding of the Market

Additionally, a good recruitment consultant should understand the market that they are operating in. If they have no experience or knowledge in the market, how would they find the right candidate for the job? With the right level of expertise, recruitment consultants can tell candidates a bit more about the kind of role they are applying for. Without this market knowledge, they risk placing the wrong candidate in a position.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is extremely important in recruitment, especially when it comes to recruiting virtually as many consultants have had to do over the course of 2020. If a recruitment consultant is not able to communicate effectively with the employer and the candidates, they could make the wrong call. Communication goes both ways and the way in which consultants speak must be adapted to the person they are speaking to.


Finally, a good recruitment consultant must be organised, especially if they are going to be working in a busy agency. With so many CVs coming through the inbox, it can be easy to get roles mixed up. However, if the wrong CV is sent on to the wrong client, this could ruin the relationship between the employer and the recruiter. With a good level of organisation, a recruiter can excel.

Do You Have These Skills?

The role of a recruitment consultant can be a very exciting one but also stressful at times. If you think that you are right for this kind of role, Recruiting Talent might be able to help. We have plenty of roles for recruitment consultants and can help you progress with your career. Get in touch today or view our current roles to get started!

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