What Makes A Good Recruitment Consultant?

Starting a career in the recruitment industry can be challenging yet rewarding for highly motivated individuals. To become a top recruitment consultant, you need to have a diverse skill set that few others in the industry possess.  These skills are all obtainable and could be the key difference that helps you stand out.

After thorough research and observation of some of the top recruitment consultants, we have compiled a list of key skills that can help you further your career in the recruitment industry.

Interpersonal Skills

You will spend a large amount of time daily as a recruitment consultant conversing over the phone or in face to face meetings.  Effectively communicating with employers and potential candidates is paramount to ensuring a successful outcome for all parties.  Achieving this can be problematic trying to work around HR and candidates’ schedules but is essential to help build relationships.  Networking is a great way to bring in a wide range of clients and your network will grow as a result of your positive interactions.  Keeping an open line of communication between potential employers and employees can help bring efficient results for more time-sensitive requirements. The outcome of effectively communicating can help gain candidate referrals which can help bring in new highly-skilled clients to the business.


All the best recruitment consultants are eager for as much knowledge as possible to help find employees the right roles for their skillsets.  Additionally, it is just as essential that employers have the right candidates put forward for roles so that candidates can prove successful and help develop strong relationships with companies. Gathering information from candidates and employers is about more than just getting every detail you can whilst making sure the correct questions are being asked.  Many employers are often looking for candidates who will fit in well with the staff they have in place as opposed to just employing those with the highest number of qualifications. Gaining an insight into candidates’ career aspirations, background and willingness to learn can be essential to making sure that candidates are placed at companies that fit for them.


Any successful professional need to be self-driven and always looking to continue to grow their skills and further their careers.  As a recruitment consultant, it is essential to identify the market of clients you want to attract.  Keeping up to date with the newest developments and latest technology in the recruitment industry helps to keep you a step ahead of the competition.  Additionally, learning new skills through courses or just picking up on tips form employees can all help you further your career as a recruitment consultant.  Being well versed with social media can help bring more employers and candidates to you to and should not be undervalued in how much it can help your company grow.

Perceptive Personality

Being a recruitment consultant calls for an outgoing and confident personality but making sure you conduct yourself the right way is also as essential.  Having the ability to understand each individuals’ needs will ensure a successful outcome.  Overcoming obstacles whilst maintaining a positive attitude will reflect on your clients and earn their trust


Being a recruitment consultant can be very demanding and you need to be willing to put in time and effort to finding clients the right outcome. Having a diverse range of skills can all be for nothing if you aren’t willing to push yourself to be the best. Having the ability to go above and beyond your competitors can help you stand out in an ever-growing industry.

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