5 questions you should never ask in an interview

Interviews are famously unpopular amongst the majority of individuals. However, it is a part of life and to ensure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance you must make sure that you are fully prepared. An awkward part of any interview process is at the latter stage when candidates are allowed to ask questions towards their potential future employers. You might think there’s nothing worse than having no questions… this isn’t true. Asking incorrect/inappropriate questions can be disastrous in an interview and could ultimately make the mind up to the employer. So, what questions should you not be asking? Read on to find out. 

What does your company do?

This question is amazingly commonly asked during the interview questions by candidates. The thought process behind it is that it will start the ball rolling and get the employer to start speaking about the business. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. By asking a question like this it shows a lack of creativity from the candidate and also shows a lack of respect/eagerness as they couldn’t take a few minutes to do some background research on the company that you are applying for. 

What you should be asking is: I have seen what your company have done with … Can you tell me more about this? 

Can I move into other areas of the business?

Even though you might know that the role you’re applying for isn’t one that you would like to finish your career off with. This isn’t something you should tell the recruiter. You may think it shows initiative, however, this is essentially saying to the client that you don’t believe you are a correct fit for this role, do they have any other vacancies in this department instead? Not only will this anger the recruiter but it will make them feel as if they have wasted their time and may have even chosen you over another candidate who wants this job. 

What you should be asking: Is there much room for progression? Are there development opportunities? 

How much sick pay do I get? 

Asking a question along the lines of this can be extremely damaging for a candidate looking for a role. You haven’t even started this job and you’re already arranging plans for your first absence; It will never look good no matter which way you phrase it. Unless you have a specific medical reason that requires you to ask this question you should try and steer clear.

What you should be asking: Nothing that relates to absences and payment. 

Will I have to work long hours? 

Although this is a completely valid question for many candidates, it’s all about how you phrase the question. If you ask it in the wrong manner, you will come across as lazy and disinterested. 2 qualities that no employer would want as part of their business. Enquiring if there is a good work-life balance on offer in the business is not bad information to find out, at the end of the day your personal time is crucial to having a clear mind which, in turn, will ensure that you are going to work with a positive mind frame. 

What you should be asking: Is there a positive work-life balance? 

How did I do? 

This may seem like an ice breaker type question with humorous back tones, however, asking this can end up as a disastrously awkward question. No matter if you think you have built a good relationship with the recruiter during the interview process, asking them this question places them in an uncomfortable position. The outcome? An awkward laugh with no intention of answering the question. 

What you should be asking: Could you describe your ideal candidate? When can I expect to hear from you? 

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Some of the questions that have been mentioned would come under as common sense to not ask. However, you would be surprised at how many times they still come up. Apart from the examples that we have provided above, the only other tip we are able to offer is to make sure you listen. Listen to the recruiter and carefully speak out your answer. If you need any help when applying for a job then contact us and we will be sure to do what we can! 

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