Feel underqualified for a job? Apply for it anyway

In today’s job market, there are a number of jobs that are currently available with a number of them requiring individuals to have a level of experience. When job hunters are scouting through these jobs and they see a job that they really like the look of, they are normally swayed away from applying for the role because they don’t have the experience and feel like they have no chance of landing the role. 

Does this matter to employers? 

For the people that are behind the hiring process for the role, it is estimated that a massive 80% of them would consider hiring a candidate who didn’t have the required experience, as long as they showed them the correct attitude, passion and desire. The jobs market at this current moment in time is currently facing a skills shortage, where around 90% of employers are saying that they need more employees in the workplace that possess the skills required in order to make the business as successful as it should be. What can you do to show that you are willing to learn and adapt yourself if you may not have the required experience that they are looking for? Read on to find out. 

Start with your CV

As you are applying for a job the most important factor is to ensure your CV is up to the standards required. To showcase the type of resilient individual you are, you should look at opening your CV with a short paragraph that highlights your curiosity and hunger for learning. If you are a self-starter that likes to make things happen and work through adversity, tell them this. These are all fantastic buzzwords for hiring parties to hear and will ultimately convey to them that you are an individual that could keep up with the quality of work that would be required from you. Always mention skills that you have taught yourself as this further shows a desire to learn new things and upskill yourself. 

Reach out directly to recruiters 

Recruiters are well-known for being able to sus out a candidate and really get to know them, both as an individual and as an employee. By reaching out to a recruiter they can advocate for you and your eagerness to learn through 1 or 2 face-to-face meetings, meaning that they will be happy enough to push you forward for a role that you may not think you’re qualified for, but that they believe you have the correct skills and desire for. This is a great way for you to create a good relationship prior to meeting your prospective employer. 

Research ahead of the interview 

If you want to show that you are a potential employee that will be able to complete the demands of the role, whilst not having the relevant experience, then it is crucial that you show up to your interview prepared and ready for any questions that are fired your way. If you show up to the interview stage with any answers that are not confident or you simply go blank, this highlights that you may not condone yourself properly when placed under any sort of pressure – exactly what an employer is not looking for. The best thing that you can do is to research questions in this industry, highlight who the key competitors are and discuss strategies in which you believe you could compete with them. 

Take accountability for your learning at the interview stage 

Once you are fully invested in the interview, you should always show a positive and enthusiastic mindset whilst answering questions. This is a sure way to create a stand-out appearance amongst many other candidates. Ensure that you are asking the employers about what training programs they and why they will better you. At the end of the day, it is a benefit for both of you to obtain these much-needed skills. However, you will ultimately have to be the one that takes control of this and forces yourself to learn new procedures. 

Contact Recruiting Talent 

Recruiting Talent always aims to make finding a new job an easy and seamless task. If you think you may be underqualified for a job but really like the idea of it, apply for it anyway! Or contact us today and we can guide you through this process. 

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