How to Best Demonstrate your Growth Mindset During an Interview

As you are at the beginning of your career you may feel yourself starting to become nervous and as you ask yourself, can I do this? This is a feeling that is not uncommon to a number of employees and unfortunately is just one of those things that you will eventually grow out of. As you enter a job the best feature that you can show off to your new bosses is that you have a growth mindset that is unmatched by any other potential candidate. American psychologist, Carol Dweck states her belief on what a growth mindset is: “a growth mindset is all about believing that you can develop your existing skills and abilities with practice and effort. In short, if you have a growth mindset, you believe that no matter what level of capability you possess right now, there’s always something new you can learn and become better at.” Read on to find out how you can best demonstrate your growth mindset during an interview. 

Prepare fully for the interview beforehand

If you have a growth mindset should see a job interview as an opportunity to learn more about the business that you could potentially be working for. You should look at it as a challenge and be able to highlight all of the things that you can do in order to make this business the best it can be. One way you can convey this sort of mindset to your hopefully, future employer, is to prepare for your interview and do relative research on the role, the business and the current state of affairs in the company. This will portray to the interviewer that you are proactive, engaged and have a real fascination with making the company a success.  

Highlight your strong problem-solving skills 

If you contain a growth mindset then you should be able to face any problem head-on. You will realise that in order to have a successful outcome, you must have some failures along the way, instead of beating yourself up about the failure, you should use this to better your decision-making next time. If you have a growth mindset, you will always be pushing yourself to learn more and encourage yourself that even if you aren’t particularly the best at a certain area of work, you will give 100% of your effort. An excellent way to showcase this for your next interview is to think of a time that there was a particularly difficult challenge and you managed to overcome it and came out the other side even better. This is what employers want to see as there is no doubt that there will be obstacles in your way throughout your career. 

Showcase that you are dedicated to upskilling yourself and enhancing your learning skills 

Having a growth mindset will mean that you are always looking for ways to improve yourself. You are required to look at every aspect of your core skills and knowledge and really dig deep to find out the areas that you need to improve on. A great way to unlock this view is by trying self-improvement methods. Some methods that you could consider could be reading, listening to podcasts, working towards qualifications or attending industry events. As you enter your next job interview, you should consider voicing the fact that you love to upskill yourself and give them a list of ways in which you actually do this. 

Leave your comfort zone 

Many of us are used to staying in safe spaces, especially when it comes to the way we work. If you have spent all your time progressing and learning a certain style of work, then you will be hesitant to try anything other than this. If you claim to have a growth mindset, going outside your comfort zone is something that you have to force yourself to love. To showcase this in your next interview, you will have to prove to them that you are able to have a plan B if anything unexpected happens. Have a list of previous stories that they can liken the situation to, in order for them to gain a better understanding of you as an employee. 

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