How to improve your skills as a recruiter 

Being successful in any business requires the candidate to have a unique set of skills in order to set the standards amongst colleagues and make your mark in the workplace. A recruitment agency implies that the environment is fast-paced, challenging and extremely rewarding. If you possess certain skills, you are all but guaranteed to be rewarded for your service. Normally, this reward will be of a financial nature. In recruitment, you will be expected to handle several projects and make yourself adaptable to any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. So, what skills do you need to have and how to improve this to make you a better recruiter? Read on to find out.   


Communication is a crucial part of any business; this is no different when it comes to the recruitment sector. A recruiter must be able to speak with clients, colleagues and potential candidates clearly to ensure that the correct information is being transitioned over. As a recruiter you will act as a ‘’middle man’’, meaning that you will be receiving information and knowledge from both the candidate and the company looking to hire, so your communication skills must be of a high standard. Negotiating is a huge part of the job for recruiters as they are working to find a fair deal for both the candidate and the company, the only way they can successfully do this is by building on their communication skills through relationship building and problem-solving.   


The recruitment world is an ever-evolving, highly competitive sector. Recruiters must have a plan A, B and C to cover all basis. Say, for example, you have been working with a candidate who is a great matchup for a role within a company you are also working with. Weeks have gone by and a steady relationship has been built with both parties, a deal has finally been agreed and things are looking positive as it seems the candidate will be a part of the company soon. Then, the candidate pulls out and looks elsewhere for another job. This is not an uncommon scenario for a lot of experienced recruiters within the industry. So, what can you do? A recruiter must be able to adapt and come up with a solution that satisfies the company, this could be finding a replacement candidate with the same skills and experience, and also looking at what you can do for the original candidate. If a recruiter does not do this, they face the outcome that their reputation may be tarnished with certain businesses.   

Negotiation and problem-solving   

As previously mentioned, negotiation and problem-solving are some key skills that a recruiter must possess in order to succeed within their role. Firstly, a recruiter must negotiate the terms of the agreement between themselves and the client. After this has been settled, the next point of negotiation that the recruiter will have to step in for is when they are trying to settle contract terms between the client and the candidate. To be respected within this industry, the aim is to find a fair and equal contract for both parties. The negotiation stage between both parties is also a great way for the recruiters’ problem-solving skills to come into action. Bizarre and unreasonable requests can be made during contract discussions that could end up being deal-breakers, this is where an experienced recruiter must step in and solve the issue.   


From an outside perspective, it looks as though being a recruiter is a lonely job. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as a recruitment agency is full of colleagues who want each other to succeed and bring a good name to the agency. In some cases, recruiters even share the workload to ensure the workload is getting complete at the correct time and nothing is late. By doing this, it means in the future the colleague will help you in a certain way whether it is sharing leads or helping you with your workload also. Conveying just how important having teamwork as a skill is to improve your recruiter skills.   

If you are a recruiter and you want to know how to improve your skills, please contact us now. Our team will be more than happy to have a chat with you and even have a look over your CV to see if we have the perfect role for you. 

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