How to Spring Clean Your CV

If you are searching for a new job this spring, one of the first places you should look is actually at your own CV. There are many ways you can prep and change it to better suit a 2020 marketplace, no matter what role you are going in to. With Spring being the perfect time to freshen things up, here are some of our top tips for spring cleaning your CV.

Change the Formatting

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your CV is to change the formatting a little. When it comes to a CV, you need to make sure that you are always sticking to the advice of keeping it no more than 2 pages in length. You should also try to keep the font classic and easy to read: Arial, Calibri, or Cambria are all excellent choices.

Nevertheless, you can still move some things about. By playing with the formatting of your CV, you may be able to put together a document that looks fresh, professional, and modern.

Remove Irrelevant Information

If you are ten years into a well-established career, there is no need to include the fact that you had a Saturday job when you were in high school. Pruning your CV in this way will keep it relevant to the roles you are applying for now.

Why should a recruiter care about a project you were involved in several years ago? Unless it was in a major capacity that will have a bearing and an impact on your application for this role, it might be better to leave it off.

Avoid Unnecessary Jargon

There are several buzzwords that always get thrown about on CVs and job applications. Things like “team player” or “natural leader” might have worked once but they now look overused. The same can apply to certain skills. For example, literacy with Microsoft Office was once a desired skill that looked good on a CV. In today’s computer-literate society, however, more people than ever able to operate Microsoft Office with little issue. It might be better to save space on your CV for a unique skill that could actually benefit your employers.

This is not to say that you should avoid using buzzwords in your CV. Nowadays, recruiters often want to see actions. Rather than being told that you are a team player, they wish to see examples from your working life. Find out which keywords could benefit you the most for a CV in 2020.

Get Started!

Spring cleaning your CV should be a regular task, even if you are not thinking about applying for a new job this year. It will help you to keep up to date on all your relevant information and any milestones you encounter in your job. When you are ready to apply for your new position, preparing your CV for applications will be much easier than if you had done nothing.

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