Imposter syndrome: What is it and how to overcome it?

‘’I have no idea what I’m doing here’’   

‘’I’m a fraud and everyone else knows it’’   

‘’What am I doing here?’’   

If you have ever had these thoughts go through your mind when you’re at work, then don’t worry, as you are definitely not alone. In 2019, a study revealed that around 82% of people reported having similar thoughts to the ones quoted above.   

What does it feel like   

Feelings of imposter syndrome can vary for different people, however, what is noted most of the time is that it consumes a person’s thoughts about the way they think of themselves and then takes into consideration the way that others perceive you. Even if you have been praised for your work, you cannot accept compliments as you believe it fell down to luck or good timing.    

You set yourself up to fail by pressurising yourself into working harder to   

  • Distract others from noticing your failures   
  • Become worth of jobs that you don’t believe your merit the skills for   
  • make up for on what you consider your ‘’lack of intelligence’’   

Imposter syndrome can turn extremely volatile as it forces a person to re-evaluate their own self-perception and in turn, create a hostile working environment. This is how to overcome these demons.   

Acknowledge your feelings   

The first step to admitting any problem is admitting that you have a problem. By doing simple things such as talking to a close friend or family member about your worries or opening up to your peers about the issues you are having, you may note that some of them feel exactly the same way.   

Build Connections   

Instead of trying to take on the world yourself, why not build connections with people who are close around you and you can both help each other? A network offers both guidance and support and will only encourage your efforts to keep growing.   

Challenge your doubts   

As imposter syndrome starts to creep up on you, maybe you should sit back and ask yourself whether there is any evidence to support these beliefs. If there is no legitimate cause for your negative feelings then you can note that they are most likely imposter feelings, allowing you to shake them off before they become any deeper.   

Avoid comparing yourself to others   

Finally, and most crucially, you are unique to the job that you are in, no one is like you and no one will be exactly the same as you. Take this into consideration when trying to avoid imposter syndrome, as the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to somebody else.   

Get in Touch   

If imposter syndrome is consuming you in your workplace and you have tried all of the suggested methods above, then maybe it is more about how you feel about the workplace rather than yourself. In which case, a career move may be exactly what you need.   

Take a look at some of the roles advertised here at Recruiting Talent or get in touch if you are just wanting some advice!  

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