Recruitment Trends to Look Out For in 2021

With the new year always comes shifts to trends and other important patterns that could shape our coming months. If you are looking for a recruitment role, it doesn’t hurt to understand what the current trends are in the industry. Here are some of the biggest recruitment trends we are likely to see in 2021.

Going Virtual

One of the biggest changes we are likely to see is the continued development of the digital workplace. This will apply not just to existing roles but also to the recruitment process. It is likely that we will see many having to sit down for virtual interviews instead of in-person ones.

Tools like Zoom are going to be crucial in allowing for the management of video interviews. From the point of view of the recruiter, they are going to be able to schedule in as many videos as they wish quickly and efficiently, and will be able to easily share data from the interview with other parties as necessary. Interviews via video conferencing are likely to be a reality for some time now.

A Strong Talent Pool

In 2021, recruiters will no doubt be seeing strong applications from candidates in a wide range of backgrounds. The choice of the final candidate will no doubt come down to their individual skills and abilities.

Of course, this means that there is a risk that the sector will become that bit more specialised and competitive. Recruiters will need to ensure that their markets remain engaging and interest so there is a constant pool of qualified candidates searching for the perfect role.

An Understanding of Soft Skills

The value of qualifications and other concrete skills is never going to die away. No matter what, a candidate needs to be able to demonstrate that they have the attributes needed for a job and this will most likely take the form of the skills and experience they have thus far acquired in their life.

However, on top of this is going to come their soft skills. These are key characteristics such as communication and empathy that can really help the right candidate forge strong connections within their new workplace. With a move to a digital workspace becoming a reality for many, soft skills will help to keep candidates self-motivated and well-disciplined as if they were still in an office environment. Their importance needs to be highlighted.

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These are just three of the trends that we are likely to see emerge as part of the world of recruitment in 2021. While the quality of the candidate reigns supreme as always, it is also important to think about how the world around us is affecting our abilities to do our jobs. Recruiters need to ensure that they are taking this into consideration when attempting to fill positions.

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