Recruitment Trends to Watch in the New Year

The world of recruitment is constantly evolving. If you want to attract the top talent to your business, staying on top of the latest recruitment trends is absolutely essential. 

However, doing so can be difficult, especially for the busy modern business owner. To help, we’ve put together a list of the top recruitment trends to watch in the New Year. Check it out below. 

A January Rush

The New Year is a time for personal reflection. As 2024 comes around, many people will look to make a change, and careers are often the first thing on the list. 

It’s well-documented that January is a busy time for recruiters. Incoming job applications may increase as more people look for a change of career

If you want to freshen up your team and bring in some new faces, January can be a fantastic time to do so. While you should post job listings, you need to actively headhunt talent as well. This allows you to target candidates who may still be unsure about making a switch, expanding your pool of potential talent.   

Flexible Working Patterns

Pandemic-related restrictions a few years back made working from home the norm. While these restrictions have long since lifted, remote working continues to be one of the top recruitment trends.  

This poses a challenge for recruiters. They must be able to balance candidates’ desire for remote work with employers’ wish for staff to return to the office. Being able to negotiate flexible working patterns is the key, as this offers the best of both worlds and will cater to each party. 

The UK government is set to roll out the Employee Relations (Flexible Working) Act in 2024. This legislation will give employees the right to request changes to their working patterns twice per year. It’s important that employers are aware of this development and make changes to ensure they are prepared for what it entails. 

A Focus on Diversity and Inclusion 

The ideas of diversity and inclusion have become more salient in recent years. Now, employees and consumers alike value businesses that promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of their organisations. 

We can expect to see this trend continue to grow as we head into 2024. Recruiters must be committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and must work to ensure their processes are not influenced by biases or prejudices. 

Diverse hiring processes can offer organisations a number of benefits, including a more positive company culture and improved brand reputation. 

The Influx of Gen Z

We’re starting to see Gen Z, people born between 1997 and 2012, enter the workforce in increasing numbers. This will only continue in 2024, and recruiters must be aware of the unique challenges and opportunities this trend will pose. 

Gen Z prioritise their personal values, and they will look for employers that match their values. Common issues that Gen Z are concerned with include diversity, equality and sustainability. 

When looking to recruit Gen Z, it’s important to put these values front and centre. You also need to consider the channels and tools Gen Z candidates use to browse and apply for jobs. Ensure your website and application portals are mobile-compatible, as this is the most commonly used method of accessing the internet among the Gen Z demographic. 


Recruitment is an ever-changing landscape. Staying on top of the latest recruitment trends can be tricky, but doing so is essential for success. As we head towards 2024, we can expect to see recruitment trends including a January rush, an enduring desire for flexible working patterns, a focus on diversity and inclusion and an influx of Gen Z jobseekers. Recruiters and employers must take these trends into account when preparing for the New Year. 

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