What is a rec2rec company?  

Recruiters are becoming increasingly more known to the world of job hunters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market hit an all-time low. Job seekers were crying out for new roles, whilst companies didn’t have the capacity to hire these incredibly talented individuals. This is where recruiters come in; By using their years of experience recruiters are able to utilise their skills to help job seekers into sectors that they never thought they would thrive in. Rec to Rec, R2R or Rec2Rec is a sector of the recruiting world that is somewhat unknown to anyone not in a recruiting role. This movement became increasingly popular in 2003/4 as it made a stamp on it being a sector of its own. The idea behind rec2rec is that an experienced recruiter will scout and hire another talented recruiter for a company that specialises in this market. If you want to learn more about the world of rec2rec and what it can do for you, please read on.  

Candidate-driven model  

Rec2rec pride themselves in upholding a candidate-driven model. In simple terms, this means that recruiters are facing severe competition whilst looking for top talent in amongst a fragmented marketplace. Before the rise of rec2rec, many companies did not see the benefit and would almost reject the idea that an experienced recruiter would know more about hiring a qualified person for this role. Nowadays, however, these companies are waiting in line for experienced rec2rec employees to help them hire the correct talent for their businesses.  

What defines a good rec2rec?  

Being able to handle client relationships in a professional and sensible manner is one of the key points to becoming a good rec2rec employee. Knowing which companies are expanding within the market, ensuring key steps are taken on figuring out the financial stability of a company and analysing the company are further key factors to look out for as a rec2rec. By having this information installed, it makes the hiring process a lot easier as you have most of the information that is required to match job profile with candidate.  

Benefits of using a Rec2Rec 

1. Help in outsourcing experts  

As we previously touched on, if a company wants to succeed, they must have a strong team behind them. In order to find the correct candidates for this, you must have a solid recruiter. To have a solid recruiter you must hire experienced, hard-working rec2rec employees who know which candidates will be able to specifically target the type of employees that the company wants.  

2. Self-bias isn’t an issue 

In some cases, a company may already have the ‘ideal’ candidate in mind, leading to subconscious bias coming into play for anyone that doesn’t fit their idea of what they had in mind. By hiring a rec2rec, all of this goes away. Recruitment firms sometimes fail to notice problems or inefficiencies within their organisation, which in turn, can be a transferrable issue during the interview process as they are avoiding potential red flags staring them right in the face.  

3. Rec2rec offers recruitment firms the chance to specialise  

It may surprise people just how many sectors of the market use recruitment firms to hire ideal candidates. Rec2rec successfully analyses the online the job seeker market and through meticulous cross referencing they are able to pin point candidates who would be perfect to work in certain roles such as: 

  • Renewable Energy recruitment 
  • HR Recruitment 
  • Construction recruitment 
  • Finance recruitment 
  • Healthcare recruitment 
  • Engineering recruitment 
  • Logistics recruitment 
  • Executive Search 
  • Inhouse recruitment 

4. Consultation is offered  

By hiring a rec2rec you are giving your company the most chance to succeed and fill that recruiting position with someone who is sticking out within a competitive market. Rec2rec’s challenges are varied, one that is noticeable is that they must be able to spot trends and changes within the market and be able to adapt. Rec2Rec firms are able to positively affect other recruitment firms to position themselves better in an ever-evolving market. Further emphasising how they can serve their clients better when it comes to recruiting talent for them.  

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