What you need to consider when working abroad

Working abroad is a dream that many of us share. If you’re reading this and reside in the UK, then you will understand that there is nothing more doom and gloom than heading to your place of work on a damp, Wednesday morning. Many of us would jump at the opportunity to move country for a new role or as part of a strategy that your current work is putting in place. However, there are a number of contingencies that we all forget when we are planning this for ourselves. Read on to find out what you need to consider when working abroad. 

Is the legal stuff correct? 

When moving to a new country, it is not as simple as packing up your bags and heading straight for the first flight (although this would be ideal). Before you can even consider moving, you must plan out the legal stuff meticulously. What sort of visa do you need? If it is a working visa, ensure that you have this as soon as you consider moving, if you have any issues, you should speak to your employers and they will help you through the process as much as they can. 

During this process, you should be aware that there are CVs, criminal record checks and a lot more stages that you must go through. Whatever visa you do end up having, make sure that you give it a thorough read, as there may be certain rights and limitations that are attached, such as how long you can work in the country, what the termination of employment looks like and your right to stay in the country if you leave the job to name a few. 

Do the maths 

If you’re deciding to move on from a role that you are currently in to then head to another role across the world, you should always consider the financial side of things. If you are moving on from a job, you are always looking to move on to another role with a higher salary. Even if the salary is higher than what you are currently on, you must do the maths. Ask yourself, what are the taxes like where you are going? Will this take a huge chunk out of your annual salary? You should also take a look at cost-of-living prices, food prices, and accommodation prices. You should always consider asking your employers if they offer any sort of relocation costs that will be able to help you settle in financially within your new role. 

Working conditions 

If you are moving to a new country, always do your research. Especially into how different your working conditions will be when discussing hours, holidays and health insurance. If you have decided to move to an area in the USA, then you must be prepared to work 40-hour weeks with only an average of 10 days annual leave each year. Some companies are known to even not allow their employees any paid leave off at all. This is a huge difference from what employees may be used to in the UK, as they will usually only work a maximum of 37 hours a week and are legally entitled to a minimum of 28 days holiday. 

Health insurance is also another huge factor to consider if you are thinking about moving to a different country. In the US, they are known for how expensive it is to purchase medical insurance, and how much more expensive it is to not have it if anything bad happens to you. When deciding on your next role, look at what perks they offer, if health insurance isn’t one, then try and secure this.

Will you be able to handle it?

You must be aware that when you first move to the country, you will receive a culture shock like no other. Sometimes you may have falsely sold yourself a dream about what it was going to be like when you move and in some cases, it may not end up the perfect picture you had in mind. The best thing that you can possibly do is give it a chance. Do not write anything off within the first few weeks as you still haven’t been able to explore everything that your new home has to offer. Change can be a scary thing, but do not let this put you off your dream move. 

Contact Recruiting Talent 

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